Questions & Answers

Q - How far will you travel to do a wedding?
A - We do weddings in all eighteen counties of Northwest Michigan, from Cheboygan to Manistee, from Ogemaw to Leelanau, plus Mackinac Island.

Q - How much do you charge?
A - Our fees are based on the county in which the ceremony is held and start at $250. If our attendance is required at a rehearsal, there is an additional charge for that which is one-half the amount of the wedding fee.

Q - How long does the ceremony last?
A -Ceremonies normally run about fifteen minutes, depending upon the number of readings chosen, if special music is played during the ceremony, etc. Some couples like to include a homily (a short message of about five minutes), which can be provided for an additional fee.

Q - How do we get our license? If at least one of the bridal couple - the bride or groom - lives in Michigan, the license can be obtained at the county clerk's office in the county in which that individual resides and used anywhere in Michigan. If both are from out of state, the license must be obtained in the county in which the ceremony is to take place. The license must be applied for in person. There is a three-day waiting period after making application, and then the ceremony must take place within thirty days. Most county clerk's offices will waive the three-day waiting period for out of state couples, but that is at their discretion.

Q - Can we use our own ceremony?
A - Absolutely. We will provide you with the two ceremonies we normally use (one more traditional, one more contemporary), plus suggested readings; however, we are very open to using something else that you may prefer, whether it be just the vows or the readings or the whole ceremony.

Q - We're having an outdoors wedding. Can we have a marriage candle?
A - There are several alternatives to having a marriage candle ceremony, including a sand or water ceremony, both of which carry the same symbolism as the candle ceremony - and you don't have to worry about the flame being extinguished! If you absolutely must have a marriage candle ceremony outdoors, we strongly suggest using chimneys on all three candles (and make sure they extend above the candles). Another suggestion, whether you're using a candle ceremony indoors or outdoors, is to place a bit of clear nail polish on the wicks to ensure that they light right up (some brand new candles may have an excess amount of wax on the wicks, making them hard to light).

Q - Do you require pre-marital counseling, or meeting with us prior to the ceremony?
A - No. However, for a nominal fee, we do offer pre-marital counseling to those who request it. And some couples do like to meet with us prior to the ceremony, either to get to know us or to go over the ceremony. We're happy to accommodate them, depending upon our availability.  Unless we have to make a special trip to where you are, there is no charge for this.

Q - Can we choose who performs the ceremony - Ken or Judy?
A - As long as we're available, it's your choice.

Q - How far in advance should we book your services?
A - We've booked weddings as much as two years in advance, and as close as two days. The earlier the better.

Q - What if we have to cancel your services after we've booked them?
A - Michigan law states that a retainer (deposit) given to secure a service is not refundable, unless the vendor is not able to provide the services contracted for. Our policy is that, if you cancel your ceremony at least sixty days prior to the scheduled date, we will refund the entire amount of the deposit unless we have had to decline another booking because of your booking. We require a fifty percent deposit at the time of booking, with the balance due the day of the wedding.

Q - Do you require a contract?
A - We do not require a contract; however, some couples request one and we are happy to oblige.

Q - What do you normally wear for weddings?
A - We provide you a choice of three types of attire for each of us.  Visit the attire page to see the choices.  Link located at the top of the page.